The Overtime Management System is a software package that can be adapted for any business Large or Small, it is a database of all your employees and allows them to login and let you know when they are available. You can then contact them by various methods, email, phone message, facebook, skype to request overtime.

Organising overtime is never easy, even when you think you have it all covered you can be let down by someone not turning up. Sometimes you can get by being understaffed but when your production relies on having the optimun number of staff it can cause major problems.

Using the Overtime Management system will help eliviate these problems. When organising overtime you need to know the following:-

Who is Available
Have they got the right skills
Are they reliable
Who is available at short notice
Overtime Management is a two way system

Your staff login and register what dates and times/shifts they are available,this will include if they are available at short notice.
You then have the choice to pick the most appropriate candidates You will be able to see their skill levels to check if they are suitable.
If a member of staff doesn’t turn up, being short staffed can effect your production or service ? You have a list of candidates of other staff who are available at short notice for overtime.

This system, also works on a points system where Manager, Supervisors can rate candidates by previous experience for example did they turn up, did they have the required skills etc